Another Castle - "Moebius Strip Tease"

Debut track from the Bay Area's Another Castle (a band name inspired by Super Mario Brothers). Another Castle consists of Brandon Arnovick (from Rondo Brothers), and Doc Pop (who is also a professional yo-yoer). Doc also records under the name Drown Radio, and makes some pretty awesome crafts out of denim (I have a denim wallet that he made, and he makes some pretty great beer cozies out of denim too). I guess there's an album in the works, but for now, enjoy this track. I find it bouncing around in my head more often than not. (PS: Check out the remix I did off of the Drown Radio release Me Geek Pretty One Day. The track I remixed is called "Twistin' Cherry Stems").


Ratatat - "Untitled"

A track from their 2006 Beats CD. A limited collection of 9 random beats they were demoing for their 2nd Ratatat Remixes release. I prefer this version to the version that ended up on the remix disc. It stands up on its own as an instrumental.


Michna - "Swiss Glide"

from his bio:

Currently based in Brooklyn NY, Adrian Michna (aka DJ Egg Foo Young) has become a staple in the NYC club scene, known for his chameleon like abilities. Outside of the club, he has been able to pursue a few hobbies such as building furniture, bicycles, photography, skeeball, and gloss lustre collages. While working on his solo album, he also found time to remix the mysterious Jandek (the only artist ever to do so) and produce on Brazilian group Bonde Do Role’s debut LP for Domino/Mad Decent.

It seems Adrian has found his stride as a solo artist, bringing together his myriad influences into a succinct sonic personage. His debut LP “Magic Monday” and the elevating single “Triple Chrome Dipped” are works of distinction and taste, getting asses on the floor in style.


Chubby Checker - "Goodbye Victoria"

My friend Doug put me up on this relatively unknown release from Chubby Checker, most well known for his hit "The Twist". Rumor has it that, when the general public's taste in music veered away from dance craze hits such as "The Twist", Chubby decided to go with the times and record a more experimental, somewhat PSYCHEDELIC record called Chequered. The record as a whole is great, and you'd honestly never even guess that it was a Chubby Checker record. If you're curious, check it out.


Joseph Bryce - "Rattler"

Joseph Bryce (formerly known as Clovis Heald), returns with this brand new track "Rattler", from his upcoming release on Lakebed Recordings. This stuff is a vast departure from his earlier stuff as Clovis Heald, and I have to say, I'm really enjoying it. You can download a FREE ep of his here. He and I did a split 7" that was supposed to come out on Anticon, but was eventually scrapped. You can purchase the digital version of that split 7" for only TWO DOLLARS here


Magic Arm - "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"

A great cover of LCD Soundsystem's hit by UK musician Marc Rigelsford (aka Magic Arm). He recorded most of the intstruments on his new record Make Lists, Do Something, aside from some of the brass and drums. Overall, the new record is pretty great. Some catchy pop songs on there. He's become sort of a master of the loop pedal, and has often played shows on his own, but he has now started taking a full band on the road with him to help flesh things out a bit more. Check out the album if you get a chance.


Mr. Oizo - "Skatesteak"

Great little upbeat dancey track from Mr. Oizo. This is from the film he directed called Steak. The film stars Mr. Oizo (Quentin Dupieux) as well as music makers Sebastian Tellier and SebastiAn. Great soundtrack to an incredibly strange film. Check eBay for some rare versions of this DVD with English subtitles. The soundtrack itself is hard to find as well, but I'm sure if you're interested, a little online research will do the trick.


Mirage - "Lake of Dreams"

Another group I don't know a whole lot about, and can't seem to find much info on. They're from Italy, and they had three songs on the Italians Do It Better compilation After Dark (alongside The Chromatics, Glass Candy, Professor Genius and others). This is a nice, 9-minute track (although I wish there were a shorter version out there) to take you into the weekend. Throw some shades on, put the top down, and drive into the sunset.


Fad Gadget - "Make Room"

As you can see, I'm sort of on an 80's kick this week. Fad Gadget's early stuff was more avant-garde than some of his 80's electronic music peers. He was often known to record using found sounds including drills and razors (similar to what Einsturzende Neubauten was doing back then as well), and had some highly controversial stage performances, once even tar and feathering himself onstage. (That's him on the cover there, covered in shaving cream). He's been called "the bumbling Dr. Who of electro-pop". That alone should make you check out more of his stuff. Also, his early releases were on Mute Records (home to Depeche Mode). Some of it is on the weirder side (if you couldn't have guessed), but when he penned a great pop song, it was really a great pop song.


The Human League - "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of"

Best known for their hit "Don't You Want Me?", the Human League had many other songs that were just as good. They were a very influential synth-pop group back in the 80's, and their songs are still heard constantly all around the world. I'd recommend checking out more of their back catalog.


The Bran Flakes - "The Girl That I Used To Be (feat. Bomarr)"

From their website:
"Formed in 1992 amidst tape and zine trading scenes, The Bran Flakes already have seven releases of zany mashups and poppy audio collages that are more likely to cop a riff from Evel Knievel than anything on the current radio dial. Six years since their last release, they return with the absurdly entertaining I Have Hands."

I Have Hands is their sixth release, and their first on Illegal Art (home to Girl Talk and Steinski). This track features yours truly on the drums. I recorded live drum breaks in the studio, sent them to my friend (Bran Flake Otis Fodder), and he promptly chopped and reprogrammed the hell out of them. The Bran Flakes are offering a "name your own price" download over at the Illegal Art Webstore. This record is too good to pass up, at any price. Go check it out.


Amon Tobin - "Always"

Brazil's Amon Tobin decided to try something new for his sixth studio album Foley Room. According to the Ninja Tune website, "Amon and a team of assistants headed out into the streets with high sensitivity microphones and recorded found sounds from tigers roaring to cats eating rats, neighbours singing in the bath to ants eating grass." There is also a great short documentary covering the creative process of making this record. I'm a big fan of cut and paste music created from found sounds, and he gets extra points for enlisting Kronos Quartet to help him on this record.


Brothers Backword - "The Making of a Stupid Intelligent Mixtape Vol. 1"

The Brothers Backword "Stupid Intelligent Mixtape" is by far one of my favorite things to listen to lately, and it will no doubt get TONS of play from me this summer. The boys have put together this really well done video which documents the making of this amazing eardrum-pleaser of a mixtape. Be on the lookout for the Stupid Intelligent EP dropping this summer, and do yourself a favor...if you haven't already, GO DOWNLOAD THE FREE MIXTAPE !!!!!!

Frozen Explosion - "Babs"

frozen explosion - "babs" (download)
Another gem from the B-Boy Records 80's catalog. I don't know a damn thing about this guy (aside from the fact that he's rocking some pretty serious hockey gloves on the album cover here). "Babs" is from his self-titled album, which was originally released in 1988. Basically, an old school hip hop love song to a woman named Barbara. I really want to find out more information about this guy, like what he's doing now, who Barbara was, and where he got those awesome gloves. Unfortunately, I may never know. You can purchase the whole record via the link below. (I just checked eBay for vinyl copies of this album, and they're going for $100 and up...insane)


Rodriguez - "Sugar Man"

I wanted to post something different from this record, because "Sugar Man" is definitely the most blogged and talked about track of his, but it's really a great introduction to his music. Cold Fact was originally released in 1970, to very little acclaim. The label he was on folded, and after not gaining a whole lot of commercial success, he decided to give up music. Years later, in 2002, DJ David Holmes featured "Sugar Man" on his DJ Mix Come Get It I Got It and interest in Rodriguez's music was renewed. Since then, his record Cold Fact had become a highly sought after piece of vinyl. Low quality represses were made here and there, and word kept getting around. Then, at the end of last year, Light in the Attic decided to give it an official, proper re-release, and people have been going crazy over it. Some people consider Rodriguez Detroit's answer to Bob Dylan. His songs are political, emotional, poetic, and just straight up catchy. From start to finish, Cold Fact is an amazing album that needs to be heard by the masses.


UGK - "I'm So Bad"

(Not safe for work)
From their classic 1992 release Too Hard To Swallow. I'll let the song speak for itself.


Dat Politics - "Own Thing (Part 1)"

dat politics - "own thing (part 1) (stream-only)

From their new record Mad Kit (recently released by Chicks on Speed records). A great instrumental opening track. Dat Politics, from France, have released lots of stuff over the years on labels like Tigerbeat6, Chicks on Speed, and their own label SKI-PP. Their early releases tended to veer a bit more toward minimal "avant garde" electronic music, but this record proves they can hold their own in the upbeat/dance world. They're currently touring the world, and from what I've heard, they put on an amazing live show. Be sure to catch them if they come through your town. You can find tour dates on their myspace page. Unfortunately, this track is not available for download, but if you like it, go by the track (or the whole album) at the link below.


White Williams - "Headlines"

From 2007's Smoke, released by Kid606's label Tigerbeat6. White Williams (Joe Williams) has done shows with Nine Inch Nails, Girl Talk, Lightning Bolt and The Rapture. Mostly poppy, sometimes on the more experimental side (fitting in nicely with the Tigerbeat6 roster). Sometimes even reminiscent of the still-active weirdo pop group Sparks.


Broken Spindles - "Monster At the Market" (featuring Passage)

Another Bomarr Blog premiere. Joel Petersen of The Faint has just released an addendum to his most recent solo release as Broken Spindles, titled Kiss/Kick Addendum. In addition to this amazing track (which I've wanted to share with EVERYONE for quite some time), it has exclusive remixes by my group Restiform Bodies, Cassettes Won't Listen, Afghan Raiders, and Small Sins. As well as a great cover of the classic Jawbox track "Savory" (one of my favorites from high school). As of right now, it is only available exclusively through The Faint's webstore. You get 11 high quality MP3's for only 7 bucks. It's amazing deal considering the quality of the content on this release.


Whitey - "Can't Go Out, Can't Stay In" / "Wrap It Up"

whitey - "can't go out, can't stay in" (download)

Whitey is from London. He's a highly respected multi-instrumentalist who has recorded a few albums of his own, and done official remixes for Bloc Party, Cut Copy, Soulwax and Chromeo."Can't Go Out, Can't Stay In" is a mellow, summer day sort of song from his album The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is a Train. "Wrap It Up" is more upbeat and dancey, and is from the album Great Shakes, which, due to a very early leak on the internet, was never officially released. Recommended if you like LCD Soundsystem.


The Black Angels - "Young Men Dead"

Some good old fashioned, dark, heady, psychedelic rock from Austin's The Black Angels. They take their name from the Velvet Underground song "The Black Angel's Death Song". This song is from their album "Passover"The Light in the Attic label has released their last couple of records & EP's. Highly recommended. (That's a stylized image of Nico that they use as their logo).


Siah & Yeshua DapoED - "Gravity"

siah & yeshua dapoED - "gravity" (download)

An old gem. From their hard to find EP "The Visualz", released in 1996 on Bobbito's now defunct Fondle 'Em label. I regret having to sell this original vinyl pressing a few years back when I needed cash. It fetched a pretty penny though (over $100 on eBay). It has since been reissued digitally by Head Bop Music as "The Visualz Anthology", featuring 21 tracks of freestyles, compilation tracks, etc. I'd highly recommend it.


Cardopusher - "Double Dragon Dub"

cardopusher - "double dragon dub"

Meet Cardopusher. His real name is Luis Garban. He's from Spain. He makes some pretty amazing, bass-heavy, dub influenced bangers. He has a brand new remix up from Kid606 on his myspace page, and he's also recently made one of Thom Yorke's top music charts. Unfortunately, I can only offer a stream of this track, but if you'd like to pick this up on vinyl, you can go here to buy it.