Tapes - "C20 Riddim"

Some lo-fi 8-bit grit from London's Tapes. Nasty instrumental, dancehall-inflicted Atari-esque dub from the appropriately-named Jahtari label. The tracks from this ep "Hissing Theatricals" all sound like they were recorded to analog 4-track, which fits this stuff perfectly. Highly recommended release.


Body Electric - "Magic Electronic"

This little gem of a 7" from 1984 has been recently re-issued as a 12" by Moustache Records out of the Netherlands. Extremely catchy, heavily-Vocoded electro. The new 12" reissue has some alternate edits, as well as the equally as good "5595." To the best of my knowledge, the 12" is currently available via Clone Records, which means it's going to cost you about $40 US to purchase it on vinyl, but if you're just in the mood to own the MP3's, you can pick it up digitally for significantly less over at the Boomkat store. I might have to start saving my pennies.


Detachments - "Flowers That Fell (Mirror People's 're-make re-model' version)"

Yet another artist who has been blowing my mind lately is Mirror People, another project from Portugal's Rui Maia. He got my attention with his really impressive remix of Neon Indian's "Mind,Drips," so I did some research and stumbled on this Kraftwerk-y remix he did for UK band Detachments. Rui counts New Order, Add n to (x), Giorgio Moroder and Suicide as some of his favorites, so how could you NOT like this? He has a bunch of stuff for you to check out over at his Soundcloud page, all of it is really impressive. He also has more music and videos over on his MySpace page.


Javelin - "Soda Popinski"

The guys that make up Javelin (2 cousins from Brooklyn via Rhode Island) have all their bases covered. Not only do they make really impressive head-nodding electronic music, but they have the visual companion to their music down to a tee. Their 12" vinyl packaging usually consists of the word "Javelin" painted onto some else's pre-existing record cover (eg: The Commodores, Simon & Garfunkel, etc), and these 12"s are usually collectors items due to their limited quantities. Right there they gets points for creativity AND recycling. They also perform with stacks of spray-painted boomboxes in front of them. That's another plus. Let's see....they've performed at the MOMA, they named this song right here after a character from Mike Tyson's Punch Out, they're currently on tour with Yeasayer AND they have a new record called No Más coming out next month on David Byrne's Luaka Bop label.
(Bonus: Check out their Tune In An Afternoon that they did for XLR8R and filmed at Community Thrift in the San Francisco Mission District)


Friday Night - "P.S.R. (Greetings From Tuskan Remix)"

Friday Night is Anticon's Serengeti, alongside rapper Hi Fidel & production duo Breakfast Kings. They just released a free remix record companion to their self-titled Friday Night release. This little gem of a remix comes to us via Belgian producer Greetings From Tuskan (best known as of late for being half of Bike For Three with Buck65). The remix record also features remixes from Omid, Euphony, Tony Trimm and about 15 others. Grab the remix record here, and buy the self-titled album here.


Penguin Prison - "A Funny Thing"

This song has been bouncing around in my head for the past couple of days. Aside from remixing Marina & The Diamonds, and strategically leaking some of his songs onto the internet for people to buzz about, Penguin Prison doesn't really have too much material out there, but what he does have out there is pretty impressive. I'm going to assume that he's also somehow down with Girl Talk, as he has Girl Talk and Girl Talk's superhomies Hearts of Darknesses and Bad Brilliance all in his top MySpace friends. Not sure what that means exactly, but he's cool in my book. He's got a new record coming out soon, I believe, but for now you can purchase his Animal Animal single below.


Monk Fly - "Hurry Chops"

The newest release on Mochipet's Daly City Records label. Monk Fly is out of Syndey, Australia. Some nasty wonky beats here. He has a new EP out called The Far Side of Zen. Pick it up.


Madness2012 - "Hang the Way"

Meet Madness2012 (known to his friends as Justin Delaet). Master beatboxer, prolific MC, and all-around great guy. He's been doing this rap thing for many years now. Back in the day, he appeared on one side of a split cassette single that I put out with some friends. The song was called "Bullshit," and on the flipside was Telephone Jim Jesus's first ever recorded vocal appearance on a song called "Tapeworm." Madness2012 has also recorded songs with Passage (Anticon/Restiform Bodies). He's been putting out records steadily now for a while. His most recent being the Hot Sauce EP, which you can grab right here. "Hang the Way" is from his record The Perfect Words For Saying Nothing. Check him out.


Joakim - "Ad Me (Principles of Geometry Remix)"

joakim - "ad me (principles of geometry remix)" (stream-only)
Last year, France's prolific producer/remixer/vocalist Joakim put out an amazing record called Milky Ways on the also-wonderful Tigersushi Records. This year, Tigersushi will be releasing another volume of their More G.DM. compilations. Joakim's labelmates (and all-around great guys) Principles of Geometry offered up their remix services and came up with this great reworking of Joakim's "Ad Me." The compilation will be available soon, so unfortunately I can't give this track away for free, but if you like it, be on the lookout. Follow Tigersushi on Twitter to get updates on this and other upcoming releases.


Polyrock - "Romantic Me"

polyrock - "romantic me" (download)

I recently discovered these guys on the always awesome id Reverberations blog. Polyrock was formed in New York City in the late 70's and lasted until the early 80's. Their biggest clame to fame is that they were produced my legendary composer Philip Glass. Great synth-infused pop a la Talking Heads and Devo, although a bit more rock.


Gucci Mane - "Frowny Face (Emynd Remix feat. Playboy Tre)"

From Mad Decent's officialr Free Gucci mixtape. Philadelphia's Emynd takes on "Frowny Face" with Atlanta rapper Playboy Tre. Probably my favorite remix on the mixtape. The whole thing is really worth checking out though, and features an all star cast of remixers like Flying Lotus, Memory Tapes, Diplo, Zomby and more. Go grab it over at the Mad Decent site


Active Child - "When Your Love Is Safe"

active child - "when your love is safe" (download)
Some great ethereal synth heavy pop courtesy of Active Child (LA's Pat Grossi). He just released a really impressive, limited-edition white vinyl 7" on Transparent Records. Aside from a limited cassette-only release called Sun Rooms that came out recently, the guy doesn't have a whole lot available for purchase, but he has the right idea....release a few songs, see who bites, and build up some demand. I really love this stuff. If you're into Grizzly Bear, Washed Out, Final Fantasy, etc, you will most likely love this too.


Myron & E with the Soul Investigators - "It's a Shame"

myron & e with the soul investigators - "it's a shame" (stream-only)

Another great throwback soul track from California's Myron & E, with their usual backing band, Finland's The Soul Investigators. These guys have really nailed it when it comes to capturing that classic Motown sound. Totally timeless music. This 7" is their follow-up to last year's "Cold Game" single, and can be purchased on vinyl or digitally over at the Stones Throw store


General Elektriks - "Little Lady"

When he's not playing in his band Honeycut, or laying down keys for Lyrics Born, Jel, Blackalicious and others, Berkeley, CA's Herve "RV" Salters is doing his General Elektriks project for the Quannum label. Very similar to the Honeycut stuff, but with a bit more soul. Pick up his excellent Good for City Dreamers record, which came out last year.