Copy - "Assassinator (Deceptikon Copy The Floppy Remix)"

An unreleased remix of a track from Copy's "Hair Guitar" record by Tokyo's own Deceptikon. Marius/Copy was kind enough to give this to me to debut here. Deceptikon "flips the original's disco vibe into a chunky electro jam". If you want to check out more great Copy stuff, follow the links below. He can also be found on the limited-edition Sneakmove Minicomp Vol. 3 7" that I curated recently.


Holy Fuck - "Frenchy's"

Maybe it's because it sounds like an instrumental Gary Numan song to me. Maybe it's because they put on an amazing live show. Is it because they have an awesome name? It could also be that they've toured with Buck65 and covered Radiohead. Who knows? But for some reason, I love these guys. They're from Toronto. This song is from their 2007 self-titled LP Holy Fuck. I'd highly recommend anything they put out.


Ruth - "Polaroid/Roman/Photo"

Ruth was an 80's synth/artsy new wave group from France consisting of Thiery Müller, Phillippe Doray and Ruth Ellyeri. From what I can gather, they only released one full-length LP, also titled Polaroid/Roman/Photo on the ultra-obscure Paris Album records. The record was out of print for quite some time, but has since been reissued by UK label Infrastition Records. You can buy the CD reissue here, or if you want to go the digital route, you can buy the compilation that this track also appears on called Bipp: French Synth Wave 1979-1985 here


Melvins (feat. Hank Williams III) - "Ramblin' Man"

Not quite what you'd expect from the Melvins. Here, they team up with Hank Williams' grandson Hank Williams III for a cover of this classic Hank track. Not much can compare with the original, but this one is right up there. This is from their 2000 release The Crybaby.


Mochipet (feat. Daedelus) - "Spring"

mochipet (feat. daedelus) - "spring" (download)
From one of his new records, Bunnies & Muffins (He also just released Master P On Atari last month), Mochipet teams up with Daedelus on this upbeat banger. The record also features appearances from Roman Ruins, Spaceheater & Aeroc. Mochi just finished a big European tour, but this guy is constantly doing shows. Be sure to catch him if you see him coming through your town. Sometimes he even wears a purple dinoasur costume.


Castle D - "Just Sayin' Fresh Rhyme"

castle d - "just sayin' fresh rhyme" (download)

To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about Castle D. All I've really been able to gather is that this came out on B-Boy Records in '86. The beat kills for its time. Slow, dark and catchy. This, as well as TONS of other B-Boy classics can be bought as a whole (10 albums total!) as part of the B-Boy Records: The Complete Masterworks box set, or individually over here. Be sure to preview some of the tracks from the box set. There are quite a few gems to be found. (And if anyone can shed some more light on Castle D for me, please post in the comments below).


Pictureplane vs. Future Islands - "Old Dreamer"

Denver's Pictureplane (Travis Egedy) takes on Future Islands' "Old Friend" and "Little Dreamer" from their new record Wave Like Home, and makes his own version, appropriately titled "Old Dreamer". Future Islands have been touring like crazy, and are getting ready to head to Europe to play some more shows with their fellow Baltimore maniac Dan Deacon. Pictureplane is best known for his great remix of Health's "Lost Time" from their Health/Disco remix record. You can purchase Pictureplane's newish record Turquoise Trail here. Pick up Wave Like Home from Future Islands here. Now, if I could only convince Travis to send us the Restiform Bodies remix he was supposed to give us ;)


Jamie Vexd - "Radiant Industry"

Listen to this song in headphones LOUD. The bass that drops about a minute in will melt your brain. I haven't been able to find out much about this guy, but Planet Mu (who have released music from eDit, Luke Vibert, Hrvatski and Bit Middler) recently put out this 3-song EP.


Esgar - "Fresh Diamonds"

Esgar (aka Disruption), from Oxnard, CA is part of the Briefcase Rockers crew. This brand new track, "Fresh Diamonds" is from the upcoming compilation "Nosecandy, Vol. 2". Check out some more of his stuff over at his MySpace page. You can also check out some of his mixes as Disruption here


Bomarr / Clovis Heald - Split 7"

Shameless self-promotion time. Figured I'd try to get the word out about this. This split between myself and Clovis Heald was supposed to come out as a part of Anticon's 7" vinyl series. It has since been shelved, so I've decided to make it available for purchase (only $2.00 for the 2 tracks). My song, "Badload" can be found in a video I did with filmmaker Emily Marchand here. Clovis Heald's song, "Lawnchair", can be found in a video I created for him here. You can stream or purchase both tracks here. I hope you like them. They're old, but people seem to enjoy them, and I wanted to give them some sort of a proper release, instead of having them collect digital dust on my hard drive forever. I'd love some feedback, and I'd love it if you can somehow help us out and support "the artists" if you enjoy what you hear. Normal posts will resume tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone who's paying attention.


Love - "My Little Red Book"

A classic from Love. The perfect song for a sunny day. Arthur Lee successfully pulls off this Burt Bacharach cover from 1966's self-titled "Love" album. There's a great documentary on Arthur Lee & Love called "Love Story", which came out last year. I'd highly recommend renting it or buying it. You can buy it here.
buy the album


Bob Log III - "Log Bomb"

A real one-man-band from Tuscon, AZ. Bob Log III toured with his band Doo Rag back in the 90's. They recorded lots of noisy blues punk 7"s that I collected like a madman at the time and even tried to write about in my "zine" that I attempted to start up in high school, to no avail. He's since gone solo and now does EVERYTHING by himself. In addition to playing the guitar, he plays the drums with his feet and sings through a telephone that is affixed to his cannonball man helmet. He's known for many weird stage antics, including making "Boob Scotch" (also one of his song titles), which is simply scotch that he gets an audience member to dip her bare boob in. This track is from his 2003 album (also called "Log Bomb"). He has a new record out now called "My Shit Is Perfect". Check it out if you're into this. Also, if you want to see him in action, head over here.


Go Go Power Rangers - "Tippin' On My D**k"

If it wasn't for Noah Bennett, I wouldn't know anything about 17 year old L.A. producer Jeremy Hawkins (aka JHawk). I still don't know a lot about him, but what I do know is that this kid is prolific. He's been making beats for his L.A. friends for a while now. According to his bio, he's made over 1,000 beats in the past 6 years. That means he started making beats when he was 11. He's released an impressive FREE mixtape called "Jerkin With JHawk", which you can find here, featuring production for Go Go Power Rangers, Pink Dollaz (one of the standout artists on the comp), New Boyz and others. They're all a part of a movement called Jerkin', which originated in Southern California (see some Jerkin' in action here) .


Mathematicians - "Robotic Voices"

from their bio:
"Mathematicians from the Tri-County Region of Upstate New York music is trans-genre. The effect is a dance party. The live show is a hallucine-genic amalgamation of music, live visual projections and midi-controlled lighting sequences capable of shaking arenas or turning a house party into a small nuclear explosion. The band members are actually not good at math. Some have speculated that this marginalization by academia is the impetus for the trio’s punk rock DIY ethos and aesthetic. They have toured the country from coast to coast, played over 500 shows in the past five years and released two albums, Level I and Level II, as well as a new live DVD, Transdimensional Odyssey of Doom."

These guys really do put on an amazing show. Once you see them live, you'll keep coming back every time they hit your town. Also, they're great guys on top of everything else.


Debmaster - "BasStar"

One of my favorite producers right now. Hailing from Picardie in the North of France. Humerous and hard-hitting beats. Great in headphones. He's affiliated with Briefcase Rockers, Ego Twister and Hip Notik Records. You'll be seeing lots more artists from those labels here soon. Also, be on the lookout for a collaboration between Debmaster and Passage of Restiform Bodies. Check out his free download "Crev Sessions V.1" here


Poni Hoax - "She's On the Radio"

Poni Hoax are an electronic music outfit from Paris, France.

From their self-titled 2006's debut on Tigersushi. Poni Hoax is currently working on a new record with French producer Joakim. Sure to be nothing short of amazing.


Brothers Backword - "Stupid Intelligent" Mixtape

photo courtesy of Mae Michael Photo

(from their bio)
Brothers Backword will do for the Beastie Boys what the Bourne Ultimatum did for James Bond. Unpretentiously, Brothers Backword are a 21st century update on the classic components of Hip Hop and dance music that made them so lovable in the first place. David Bryant or PASSAGE (Restiform Bodies, Anticon) and Mike Busse (Chronic Future, Modern Art Records partner) rap and sing in legible, irresistible flows. Topical tracks like Special Education, essentially a rapped three minute rendering of the film Notes on a Scandal, wind away from convention far enough to refresh themselves, but swing swiftly back to Earth with syrupy hooks, damaged yet effective verses and downright provocative bridges. Brothers Backword coo and holler like hood rats, with none of the outsider politics or hang ups so common to indie rap. Dave and Mike are the classic "big guy, little guy" combo. Standing 5'7 and 5'11 Brothers Backword set the stage for impressive, tempo melting performances, and their vocal abilities flex to demonstrate the audio equivalent in their recordings.

The "Stupid Intelligent" mix-tape proves the perfect hunting ground for Passage and Busse. They interact with, infect and invade every track, from Mr. Oizo to Talking Heads to Nas. Fearless of studio magic, they add talk box back ups to Shannon and manipulate hooks from beyond your memory. Suitably aggressive and comedic lyrics, weave in and around chopped, meticulously syncopated Christian Bale sound bites. With an EP due out late this summer, Brothers Backword's "Stupid Intelligent" mix tape is a glimpse of what's to come, but in this future I don't know if we can win this war.

I'm honored to premiere this here. These boys have really outdone themselves on this one.


Free Blood - "Grumpy"

Free Blood was born in a concrete room with no windows in the sweltering summer of 2003.

The concept was simple: A soundtrack for parties gone awry.

Music to fuel awkward sexual dalliances, desperate yelled misunderstandings on the dance floor, toilets over-flowing with the night’s collective regurgitation, lonesome midnight ramblings, hair-brained (possibly illegal) parlour games, stereo components fried by heat and moisture, backyard furniture bonfires, power outages, mass hallucination, etc.

The instrumentation was kept to a minimum intentionally (two microphones, bass guitar and mechanical drums) so that the group could fit into any cramped corner, with an easy getaway in case the authorities (or audience, even) took issue with the noise. Free Blood began playing smaller venues and house parties around the Brooklyn and Manhattan boroughs, usually lugging their own PA to the gig so that the ear-splitting volume they were accustomed to in the practice space could be replicated. These performances were designed to leave the audience deaf, dumb and blind…and perhaps with smiles on their faces.

Since their inception they have shared the stage (and floor) with a variety of groups (Melt Banana, Suicide, Jamie Lidell, TV On The Radio), only leaving the State of New York once for a brief four-day tour in Japan. The first three years saw Free Blood as strictly a live phenomenon whose appearances were erratic and ridden with chaos. They have numerous singles, and a singles collection out now on DFA.