Brothers Backword - "The Making of a Stupid Intelligent Mixtape Vol. 1"

The Brothers Backword "Stupid Intelligent Mixtape" is by far one of my favorite things to listen to lately, and it will no doubt get TONS of play from me this summer. The boys have put together this really well done video which documents the making of this amazing eardrum-pleaser of a mixtape. Be on the lookout for the Stupid Intelligent EP dropping this summer, and do yourself a favor...if you haven't already, GO DOWNLOAD THE FREE MIXTAPE !!!!!!


Jacques' said...

oh shit don't you quit! so why come all them cats wasn't up on the mixtape?? there might have to be a brothers backward vs boyfriends inc somethin somethin

bomarr said...

all those guys are on there. they did such a great job adding their own stuff that it just blends right in