Edison - "Little Voices"

edison - "little voices" (download)
One of my favorite tracks from All the Information At Hand. Recently released by Kid Without Radio. Edison is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is rapidly becoming a well-known master of the Monome (this particular Monome he created himself, housing it in an old lunchbox). This 11-track release (featuring an excellent remix of "The Bellows" by KWR head honcho Erik Nava/Egadz!), showcases Edison's talents. Some solid, well-structured beats all across the board here. This guy has been blowing up all over YouTube lately as well. Go check out his impressive handiwork right here.


Anoraak - "Talking In Your Sleep"

anoraak - "talking in your sleep" (download)
French producers are pretty much taking over the electronic music scene. There is an incredible amount of great music coming out of France these days. Anoraak is from Nantes and part of the Valerie Collective. Check out his impressive cover of The Romantics classic "Talking In Your Sleep."


The Whitest Boy Alive - "Burning"

the whitest boy alive - "burning" (download)
One of the many projects Erlend Øye (Kings of Convenience) has on his plate. From 2006's Dreams. An overall great record.


Ae Bizottsag - "Baad Schandau"

ae bizottsag - "baad schandau" (download)
From 2007's extremely impressive compilation from B-Music, and independent collective of DJ's, musicians and music lovers. Lots of really impressive, very obscure songs from all over the world. Compiled by David Holmes, Andy Votel, Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) and more. They've really dug up some gems here.


Merry Xmas


Xmas Megapost

One more day to go.....check out all these goodies:
  • Otis Fodder's superfun Holiday Freak Out/Holiday Freak In comps (link)
  • Betamaxmas is probably the coolest site ever for your retro Xmas special needs. The programs change daily (check the TV Guide in the top right corner). Some examples of what you'll find... The Silver Spoons holiday episode, He-Man Xmas special, clips from a Night Court Xmas episode and more. Really awesome stuff. (link)
  • The brand new Bran Flakes Xmas single "Here Comes Santa" (link)
  • Liferdef Empire's "Holiday's In The Bay". A Bay Area hip hop Xmas song (link)
  • Have Yourself A Funky Little Christmas with Stones Throw's Egon (link)
  • Mark Wahlberg talks to Xmas Animals (link)
  • "Jingle Bells" from India (link)
  • Big Mouth Xmas rap (link)
  • oh, and don't forget the Wild Xmas With Bomarr series...... (link)


B. Fleischmann & Ms. John Soda - "Here She Comes Now"

b. fleischmann & ms. john soda - "here she comes now" (download)
Really beautiful cover of the Slowdive song from Morr Music's compilation Blue Skied An' Clear.


Cluster - "Caramel"

cluster - "caramel" (download)
Zuckerzeit is the third album from the hugely-influential German electronic group Cluster. These guys have worked with the likes of Brian Eno, Holger Czukay of Can and more. These guys were way ahead of their time, releasing this record in 1974. In 2008, they re-formed for a series of reunion performances.


Principles of Geometry - "Titan"

principles of geometry - "titan" (download)
Another amazing release from French label Tigersushi. Synth enthusiasts Guillaume Grosso and Jeremy Duval enlisted help from Sebastian Tellier, Vast Aire and Hangar 18 for this one. Much more upbeat than their wonderful self-titled debut from 2005. These guys keep getting better and better, constantly working on music and honing their chops doing remixes for the likes of Poni Hoax and Joakim. An early, Vast Aire-less version of their song "Napoleon" appears on the Sneakmove Minicomp 3 7" I curated. At the rate these guys are going, I'm sure the next album is going to be phenomenal.


Paulie Think - "Chill Witchoo"

Meet Paulie Think. He's from Vallejo, CA. When he DJ's, he's also known as Paulie Fresh. You can sometimes find him energetically ripping the mic rocking a Bad Brains t-shirt, or maybe sharing bills with Sole, Ceschi, 2Mex, Jawbreaker or De La Soul. He'll liven up a room like his life depended on it. Check out "Chill Witchoo" from 2008's I Shot Paulie Think.


Dominique Young Unique - "Hot Girl (Mike Busse Remix)"

dominique young unique - "hot girl (mike busse remix)" (download)
Check out 17-year old Florida rapper Dominique Young Unique. She's been recording since she was 12, starting off with fellow Floridians Yo Majesty. Check out this awesome remix by Mike Busse of Brothers Backword, and while you're at it, pick up the Hot Girl EP via the link below.


Bobby Birdman - "Victory At Sea (E*Rock Remix)"

From his 2006 12" single for "Victory At Sea". Fryk Beat/Audio Dregs founder E*Rock takes Bobby Birdman's mellow original version and turns it into an upbeat sing-a-long track. Bobby (Rob Kieswetter) has toured with Will Oldham, Hot Chip, Joanna Newsom, YACHT, Dirty Projectors, among others. He even remixed Young MC's "Fastest Rhyme" on last year's Delicious Vinyl anniversary release. He has a new album called New Moods, which recently came out on Fryk Beat.


A.T.B.A.N. Klann - "Open Your Mind"

A.T.B.A.N. Klann (standing for A Tribe Beyond A Nation) was supposed to release their debut album Grass Roots for Eazy-E's Ruthless Records in 1992. Unfortunately, the label shelved the record shortly before it was due to be released, and 3 years later, A.T.B.A.N. Klann were dropped from Ruthless after Eazy-E's death and the record was never released. Fortunately (depending on who you talk to), 2 of the members of the group....Will 1X (now known to everyone as will.i.am) and apl.de.ap, went on to form Black Eyed Peas with the help of their friend Taboo. While this record isn't quite amazing, there are definitely some good songs on here, some in the vein of Black Sheep, and the nth-generation cassette dub quality of the recordings add a bit to the feel of the whole thing. I still think the Black Eyed Peas record Behind The Front was good for its time (although I haven't listened to it in years so I'm not sure how well it holds up), but these guys were much more listenable before Fergie joined the group.


Medio Mutante - "Überbeast"

I've been completely obsessed with this EP lately. Apparantly, it came out back in early 2008, but I didn't hear of it until recently. Medio Mutante means "Average Mutant" in Spanish (which is also a cool band name). The EP is on some retro-synth-downtempo-new wave vibe and I love it. I can't speak highly enough of this, and I really hope they put something new out soon.


MC 900 Ft. Jesus - "If I Only Had A Brain"

This was a bit of a cult hit when it was released back in 1994. It even had a music video which was directed by a very young Spike Jonze before everyone and their mothers were banging down his door to put visuals to their music. MC 900 ft. Jesus (Mark Griffin) got his name from evangelist Oral Roberts, who had claimed he had a vision of a 900 ft. Jesus that commanded him to build a hospital on the campus of Oral Roberts University. Mark only released 3 official studio albums (2 for Nettwerk, and 1 for Rick Rubin's American Recordings, which this song appears on). While the song is pretty silly, it's a song I've always listened to here and there, just for the nostalgia. Not sure how many of you will even remember this song, but I had to share it.


Cars & Trains - "Intimidated By Silence (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)"

cars & trains - "intimidated by silence (blue sky black death remix)" (download)
Portland, Oregon's Cars & Trains (Tom Filepp) has been a very busy man as of late. He spent a good chunk of last month touring with Ceschi & Bleubird to start getting the word out about his upcoming record The Roots, The Leaves (for Ceschi's Fake Four label) and its sister album of remixes, appropriately titled The Roots, The Remix. The Roots, The Remix includes remixes from Boy In Static, Melodium, Dollboy, Meanest Man Contest, Blue Sky Black Death, Big Pauper/PZ, Otem Relik, Unconventional Science, USF, Lullatone, Polyphonic, Bomarr (that's me), and Ernest Gonzales. Fake Four is handling the physical & electronic formats for the album, and Circle Into Square will be releasing the digital-only remix album. In addition to all this stuff (see, I said he's a busy guy), he has a limited edition 7" coming out on Token Recluse featuring Unconventional Science and Pauper/PZ's remixes. You really should grab all of these things. The record and remix album will be available on 1/26/10.


Wild Xmas With Bomarr, Vol. 4

I did Volume 3 back in 2007, and said that it would be my last Xmas mix in the series, but after getting inspired, and actually finding an impressive chunk of Xmas-themed music this year, I've decided to do another...maybe even another after this! Who knows? Even if you're not a fan of Xmas music, you may still enjoy this. I'm not a fan of Xmas music in general, but more of a fan of digging up some of these really obscure tracks. It's sort of rewarding, and people seem to really enjoy these mixes. So, spike your egg nog, decorate your tree, and throw this mix on, you may enjoy it. As always, comments are welcome. You can download ALL volumes here

(Please let me know if you have any issues with the Divshare link. I re-uploaded it this morning after having issues with the first link, but everything should be working now)


Duchess Says - "Black Flag"

duchess says - "black flag" (stream-only)
I wasn't familiar with Montreal's Duchess Says until recently. I heard this song for the first time on Tobacco's (Anticon/Black Moth Super Rainbow) Halloween podcast Orgy Drills 1. This whole record is pretty great. All over the place moog-punk, sometimes melodic, sometimes abrasive. They have a great cover of the Six Finger Satellite song I posted a little while ago ("Rabies (Baby's Got The)"). Great stuff. Check it out.


Splash Band - "The End (Disco)"

Great cover of the the end theme from John Carpenter's "Assault on Precinct 13" by German "disco" band The Splash Band. Released in 1984, this stuff is more 80's electro than disco. The Music of John Carpenter features some pretty impressive covers of themes from Starman, Big Trouble in Little China, The Fog, and the extremely impressive covers of Halloween 2 (the other standout track from this release), and Halloween. If you can find this, pick it up. It's hard to come by.


Opiuo - "King Prawn"

opiuo - "king prawn" (stream-only)

I can't speak highly enough about this compilation that Bay Area producer An-Ten-Nae has put together. There are some incredibly nasty beats on here from the likes of Ooah (Glitch Mob/PANTyRAiD), Marty Party (PANTyRAiD), Adam Freeland, Robot Koch, An-ten-nae himself, and more. I hadn't heard of Opiuo before this compilation, but I did some research and found this amazing EP, which you can name your price on (no minimum), and it blew me away. Keep an eye on all of the artists associated with this compilation, and everything coming out of the Muti Music label, it's all really great stuff, and while you're at it...BUY THIS COMP!!