WHY? - "This Blackest Purse (Amp Live Remix)"

Amp Live of Oakland's Zion I has just released a free EP of remixes he did for Anticon's WHY? titled One Dark Eskimo Remixes: Amp Live vs. WHY?. The EP has five tracks and features remixes of "Bezerkley", "Against You", "This Blackest Purse", "Good Woodz" and "Uno Roses."Grab your free download here


Cars and Trains - "Asleep on a Train (Bomarr Remix)"

To celebrate this week's release of The Roots, The Leaves on Fake Four Records, Cars and Trains (Portland, Oregon's Tom Filepp) has released a FREE companion record (appropriately titled The Roots, The Remix) packed full of great remixes from the likes of Boy In Static, Melodium, Meanest Man Contest, Blue Sky Black Death, Polyphonic, Ernest Gonzales, yours truly and more. I'm very pleased with how my remix turned out, and I hope you enjoy it as well. You can download the free remix record here, and purchase the studio record here


Wave Machines - "Keep The Lights On"

I love this song so much. Apparantly it's been blowing up on the "blog circuit" for the past few months. I won't deny, I just discovered it. These guys are from Liverpool. There doesn't seem to be a detailed bio on them anywhere, but according to Last.fm, Wave Machines are "art rock disco made on a Cash Converter keyboard and start-up drum kit." Buy their record Wave If You're Really There below.


SuperLiteBike - "Unbelievable Party!!! Cool"

superlitebike - "unbelievable party!!! cool" (download)
I'll be honest, a lot of the submissions I get for this blog just don't fit, but every once in a while, something comes through that I absolutely love. Austin's Superlitebike impressed me. This track, "Unbelievable Party!!! Cool" not only impressed me with it's title, but also with the fact that it's an upbeat party track a la LCD Soundsystem. They have a new record coming out in May called Away We Go. Follow them on Twitter to get updated when the record drops.


Washed Out - "Get Up"

washed out - "get up" (download)
It took me a little while to come around when it came to this little EP. I've listened to it on and off for a while, but would always compare it to the Neon Indian record (which is amazing, if you haven't already heard). It has really grown on me though. Some lo-fi bedroom synthpop songs straight out of Georgia. You should buy this. It's called Life of Leisure. Also, check out the great remix Washed Out did for Small Black that I posted last week.


Bullion - "Say Goodbye To What"

bullion - "say goodbye to what" (stream only)

Some more nasty Bullion beats. This UK producer is best known for his Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee release, which combined samples from the Beach Boys classic Pet Sounds release with beats & samples from the late J Dilla. He's recently released a new 7" called Say Goodbye To What on One Handed Music. If you like this track, support the man by heading over to his Bandcamp page to purchase the mp3, or over to Boomkat to purchase the limited 7".


Seona Dancing - "Bitter Heart (Razormaid Remix)"

seona dancing - "bitter heart (razormaid remix)" (download)
Before Ricky Gervais became a household name due to his brilliant comedic skills and creating the original UK version of The Office, he was part of a little-known early 80's synthpop duo named Seona Dancing (pronounced "Shawna"). They didn't have much success aside from breaking the Billboard top 100 with this song, "Bitter Heart." The man can actually hold his own when it comes to vocals, and proves here that he's just an all around, talented guy.


Agent Orange - "Bloodstains"

agent orange - "bloodstains" (download)
Another busy day. Late post today. This is the song that got these Orange County, CA punk rockers attention back in 1979, and rightfully so. Such a great song. Later covered by L7.


Raw Stiles - "Dehli Kut"

raw stiles - "dehli kut" (download)
I don't know much about Raw Stiles, and not much is to be found on the internet about him either, but Fancy Mike put me up on him. Some great, short, Dilla-esque jams for your Friday afternoon. He has a brand new, FREE ep called Hello Lovely available right here.


Small Black - "Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)"

This Washed Out remix is currently blowing my mind. These guys are from Brooklyn. They currently have a 12" out which features this remix. I want to buy 5 copies of it. I love that this has sort of a classic Jesus and Mary Chain-esque feel to it, on top of some great lo-fi synth. You really need to check these guys out. I just listened to this song 3 times in a row.


Console - "My Dog Eats Beats"

console - "my dog eats beats" (download)
Released all the way back in 2000 by Matador Records, yet this album (Rocket in the Pocket) still seems to stand up well against a lot of the music coming out today. Console is the solo project of The Notwist's Martin Gretschmann.


World Domination Enterprises - "Asbestos Lead Asbestos (Heavy Pollution Mix)"

world domination enterprises - "asbestos lead asbestos (heavy pollution mix)" (download)
This is my second World Domination Enterprises post on here. A while back, I posted their cover of LL Cool J's "I Can't Live Without My Radio," which is the song they were best known for. Here's their much grittier side...sounds like a completely different band.


High Potent - "H.P. Gets Busy"

high potent - "h.p. gets busy" (download)

The first recorded appearance of Jay-Z. Back in 1986, Jay-Z had a short-lived group with his neighborhood friend Jaz called High Potent. They released this extremely rare 12" on Get Live Records.


The Units - "High Pressure Days"

the units - "high pressure days" (download)
Think The Minutemen meets Devo. This multimedia-loving San Francisco "synthpunk" band was known in the late 70's-early 80's for their crazy performances, often incorporating instructional films (before it was cliche) into their live sets, and performing in strange places (like in the front window of a San Francisco JC Penney). It was hard to pick a song of theirs to post. Their recently-released collection of songs History of the Units: The Early Years 1977-1983 (released last year by Community Library) is jam packed full of hits that nobody seems to have ever heard. Rumor has it, there's a vinyl version of this coming out as well, which will be amazing to own. If you're into this stuff, please do yourself a favor and pick it up. It's really quite amazing. I wish bands like this were still around.


Fancy Mike - "Hipster Crack"

fancy mike - "hipster crack" (download)

Fancy Mike (Mike Kleine) is another artist to watch this year. In 2009, he released his self-titled Fancy Mike EP and this Hipster Crack digital single, and is planning on yet another EP in the coming months. Very much recommended if you like J Dilla, Hudson Mohawke or the Close Encounters of the Third Kind soundtrack. Go grab all these free goodies right here.


Truman Peyote - "New Wife, New Life"

With a name like Truman Peyote, you're sure to expect some heady, psychedelic shit. They don't disappoint. "New Wife, New Life" is from this Boston area band's formerly-CDR-only-soon-to-be-12inch-vinyl release Light-Lightning. On Light-Lightning, they provide you with some catchy, trippy, lo-fi jams, and will surely be a treat to have on vinyl when it's released. These guys are definitely a band to watch for 2010. Currently, they have upcoming shows with Neon Indian, The Hood Internet, Toro Y Moi & Ear Pwr, to name a few. There's also a 7" split with Turtle Ambulance (and featuring "New Wife, New Life") coming out on Breakfast of Champs Records February 9th.


Isaiah Toothtaker - "Bassface"

isaiah toothtaker - "bassface" (prod. by megasoid) (download)

Yiggy is the brand new FREE release from Tucson's rapper/tattoo artist Isaiah Toothtaker. I'll be completely honest, there's not a lot of new rap coming out these days that I'm too impressed by. I think a lot of it is pretty boring, actually, but every once in a while, someone surprises me and causes me to rethink things a bit. Isaiah is one of them. He's managed to get some really impressive production for this record as well, recruiting his friends Megasoid, Eligh of Living Legends, Subtitle, Eric Steuer of Meanest Man Contest, Meaty Ogre and more. He also gets bonus points for editing footage of my man Tsim Fuckus to create a video for "Bassface." It almost seems wrong to offer something this good for free. Go grab it here.


Stars - "The First Five Times (Russian Futurists Remix)"

From the remix/covers record Do You Trust Your Friends that Canadian band Stars (not to be confused with Japanese band The Stars) released back in 2007. The band features a couple of members from Broken Social Scene. Here, they're remixed by fellow Canadians The Russian Futurists. The record also features remixes/covers from Final Fantasy, The Dears, Apostle of Hustle, Junior Boys, Metric and more.


Restiform Bodies Hangover Mixtape

restiform bodies hangover mixtape (download)

I know you're not feeling 100% today, so relax, re-hydrate, and listen to the Restiform Bodies Hangover Mixtape that Jim Jesus and I compiled a while back for the Ego Eccentric blog.