Whitey - "Can't Go Out, Can't Stay In" / "Wrap It Up"

whitey - "can't go out, can't stay in" (download)

Whitey is from London. He's a highly respected multi-instrumentalist who has recorded a few albums of his own, and done official remixes for Bloc Party, Cut Copy, Soulwax and Chromeo."Can't Go Out, Can't Stay In" is a mellow, summer day sort of song from his album The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is a Train. "Wrap It Up" is more upbeat and dancey, and is from the album Great Shakes, which, due to a very early leak on the internet, was never officially released. Recommended if you like LCD Soundsystem.

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Kelek said...

What a big tracks. Specially Wrap it up. Whithey really rockz! Great post. I'll see your entery blog now :)