Tobacco - "Sweatmother"

Brand new track from Tobacco's upcoming Maniac Meat record, which Anticon will release on May 25th. The record features a slew of fuzzed out analog beats, including featuring Beck. If you like his previous work, you'll definitely love this. This also already has my vote for best album cover of the year.


Acid Washed - "Change"

France is really taking hold of the electronic music scene. Not that this is anything new, mind you, but these past few years have seen a slew of great music coming out of this particular country. Obviously the likes of Justice and Daft Punk come to mind, but then you have people like Mr. Oizo, Sebastian Tellier, Debmaster, Ego Twister Records, Kavinsky.....basically, too many to name. Fitting in with all this stuff is Acid Washed, a duo from Paris whose influences range from Steve Reich to Giorgio Moroder, DFA Records to Detroit Techno. Their self-titled debut album just dropped yesterday on Record Makers (also home to Kavinsky). Pick it up.


Eroc - "Norderland"

Eroc used to be known as the weirdo drummer for German prog-rockers Gorbschnitt, but then became known on his own for his weird synth and guitar experimentations, like the tracks heard on his self-titled 1975 record that "Norderland" is from. This song in particular sounds like a psychedelic spaghetti western theme, and I can't get enough of it.


Blank Spaces - "Only Dead Fish"

Big thanks for Bomarr Blog reader Mike for putting me up on this guy. He hipped me to the UK's Blank Spaces a couple of days ago in response to the Metronomes track I posted. Upon first listen, I assumed this stuff was some lost 80's minimal synth stuff, but it turns out it's quite new. Blank Spaces does what he does, and does it well. All the songs on his MySpace page and Soundcloud page are great. Unfortunately, he has no label, no bio, and no releases are planned for the near future, but keep an eye on this guy. Good things are sure to come.


Dau-Al-Set - Give Up the Funk (Funky Covers Mix)

First off, I have to say that in general, I won't even listen to mixes that people send me as blog submissions. I just don't have the time to listen to hour-long house music or acid jazz dj mixes, so when I saw this submission show up in my email, I ALMOST disregarded it. That is, until I saw that this mix included funk covers of Gary Numan, Mr. Oizo, Radiohead and more. I gave it a shot, and I'm glad I did. These covers are actually really great, drum heavy covers of some already great songs. This short Give Up the Funk comes to us courtesy of Iceland's Dau-Al-Set, who has some more really great mixes up over at his Soundcloud page. Preview his mix here or just download it right here.


The Metronomes - "A Circuit Like Me"

the metronomes - "a circuit like me" (download)
Great little minimal synth song from Australia's The Metronomes. These guys were mostly active in the 80's, releasing a few singles and albums on the goth-heavy label Cleopatra Records. I used to be really into a lot of the stuff on that label, so I'm amazed that I didn't hear about The Metronomes until recently. These guys are very different than most of the other bands on the label. Really great stuff.


Deceptikon - "Kinyoubi"

More greatness from Mochipet's Daly City Records camp. This time around from Bomarr Blog favorite Deceptikon. You may remember a while back when I posted his awesome remix of Copy's "Assassinator." He has recently relocated from Japan to San Francisco and just released a brand new album called Mythology of the Metropolis. The record features contributions from Copy, Oly (Ipecac), He Can Jog, and Vincent Parker. It's chock full of head-nodders so don't sleep on this one.


Talons - "Redheads (SPOD Shacksmix)"

From their self-titled debut full length on Rice Is Nice. Talons are an Australian punk band. Raw and catchy. Here, fellow Australian SPOD takes on their song "Redheads.". This is a bit different than the stuff I usually post, and I'm not really sure what to compare this to, but I've been enjoying the song lately.


Plus 2 - "Kill Teh Dragon"

I have to give credit where credit is due...I found out about Plus 2 over at Doctor Krank's blog. This guy (John Kay) is an up and coming producer from Victoria, Canada who enjoys 8-bit samples and heavy bass. John says "Kill Teh Dragon" was inspired by Lazer Sword's "Koopa Boss Mode." He has a few other tracks posted right here for you to check out.


Ooah - "Time Warp"

Impressive new single from Ooah. This guy has been extremely productive lately. When he's not tearing shit up with his fellow beat-masters in The Glitch Mob, or getting saucy with MartyParty in PANTyRAid, or slowing things down a bit for his Of Porcelain project, he's releasing equally-as-nasty music under his own Ooah name. Great things to come this year, as The Glitch Mob have recently wrapped up their highly anticipated debut full length Drink The Sea. He's released this to hold you over. Buy the single (also featuring "Beginning" over at iTunes for only $1.98).


Free The Robots - "Orion's Belt Buckle"

From his upcoming Alpha Pup release Ctrl Alt Delete. If this track is any sign of what to expect from the new record, the record is going to be pure nastiness. This is the type of song that, if played LOUD on a really good soundsystem, would turn your insides to mush. The new record comes out March 30th, and he's going on an extensive US/Canada tour over the course of the next couple of months to support it. (check out dates on his Myspace page).


Kavinsky - "Nightcall"

kavinsky - "nightcall" (stream-only)
Brand new single from France's Kavinsky. Unfortunately, I can't offer a free download of this track right now. "Nightcall" is from Kavinsky's upcoming Nightcall EP, which is out digitally exclusively via iTunes on 3/26, with a physical release to follow on 4/5. There's also an extremely limited vinyl picture disc available for pre-order direct through Record Makers. Also, check out the Record Makers site for info on their new iPhone app, which features music from Sebastian Tellier and sound effects by Mr. Oizo.

Easy Going - "Do It Again"

I've been on a bit of an Italo Disco kick lately. While this song might not be for everyone, I think it's incredibly funky and extremely catchy. I'm not really sure what's going on on the album cover...maybe some nude wrestling, perhaps? Easy Going had some hits in the 70's but haven't really been heard from since, aside from select disco compilations. This is quite possibly the longest song I've posted on the blog as well, clocking in at just under 8 minutes.


Glorious Strangers - "Move It Time"

I haven't been able to dig up much information about Glorious Strangers aside from what the always great Mutant Sounds blog had to say:
"The product of one Wharton Tiers, esteemed NY engineer for the likes of Branca/Swans/Sonic Youth back in the day, here working alongside his wife Carol on vocals, Glorious Strangers being one of two of Wharton's period projects to feature on MS, Jim having posted the 3x7" set by his concurrent outfit Social Climbers some time back. Under the Glorious Strangers guise, he and Carol concoct smirky bon mots of demure quirk akin to Y Pants or Inflatable Boy Clams to vaguely amusing effect."
"Move It Time" is from the impressive compilation New York Noise, Vol. 2, a compilation that showcases some early 80's no wave bands and features the likes of Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, Jim Jarmusch, Arthur Russell and more. If you like bands like ESG, you might like Glorious Strangers.


Huess - "I'd Rather Be The Hunter"

I stumbled on Huess on MySpace a while back and really enjoyed what I heard, so it was a nice surprise to see a free MP3 from him appear in my inbox over the weekend. Huess is starting to get a bit of a buzz in the UK beatmaking scene. His cut-and-paste production style is mildly reminiscent of J Dilla, but somehow unique. He has a new EP out called I'd Rather Be The Hunter, and has a vinyl EP coming out soon that features remixes from Fulgeance and Kelpe. Keep an eye out for this guy.


Nocando - "Hurry Up And Wait"

Meet Nocando, resident MC at LA's weekly Low End Theory night and Scribble Jam MC battle winner of 2007 (check out some of his brutal battles here). His debut album Jimmy The Lock was released in January on Alpha Pup Records and features production from Nosaj Thing, Nobody, Daedelus, Thavius Beck, Free the Robots, Th' Corn Gang (Nick from The Unicorns/Islands' project), and scratching courtesty of Gaslamp Killer. "Hurry Up And Wait" is the lead single from the record.


Chronicle Grime - "Career Cats Get Tiger Suits"

chronicle grime - "career cats get tiger suits" (stream-only)
From the compilation Anagram Jam. The guys behind B-Music/Finders Keepers seem to have unearthed some real gems this time around. These seriously hardcore crate-diggers include David Holmes, Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals, Andy Votel and more. This time around, they've put together a compilation credited to Tandy Love & Mad Smooth, which features numerous gems (psych, surf, Turkish, etc) unearthed from who-knows-where. They've made it tricky though, and scrambled around the names of the artists and songs so you have no idea who the artists actually are. You get "bands" like Vandal Cock, Ray Wun, Dizcoa, and so on. Definitely check this out if you're into stuff like this. There are some great songs on here.


Lisfrank - "Man Without Limits"

Lisfrank was a one-man-band from Italy who was most active in the 80's. Very dark-themed synth, and very good. "Man Without Limits" appeared on last years collection of hard to find Lisfrank tracks called Mask Rewind, an extremely limited vinyl release that came with a limited white vinyl 7". It originally appeared on the highly sought after Mask Productions compilation First Relation back in 1983. If you can track this down, be sure to pick it up.


Mochipet - "Anticon On Atari (Restiform Bodies Remix)"

mochipet - "anticon on atari (restiform bodies remix)"
A little treat for you from Mochipet's Master P On Atari Transformed Volume 1, the first volume in a couple of remix companions to last years Master P On Atari. Not only does this record have remixes from my "group" Restiform Bodies, you also have remixes from Deceptikon (whose remix of Copy's "Assassinator" was posted on the Bomarr Blog a while back), Matt B, ill.gates, Kraddy and more. Volume 2 is coming out soon on Mochipet's Daly City Records.


Julian Shah-Tayler - "Wetter"

Julian Shah-Tayler has some experience under his belt. Not only was he a member of Bomarr Blog favorites Whitey, but he recorded an album with Joaquin Phoenix. He's also gotten some praise from David J of Bauhaus. "Wetter" is from his Un Ange Passe EP that he recently released and dedicated to the memory of his friend Christine Shroy-Hull. This is a straight up, extremely catchy pop song that is sure to get Julian even more praise. You can stream or buy his music over at his Bandcamp page.