Mi-Sex - "Computer Games"

mi-sex - "computer games" (download)
Another one from the original Bomarr Blog. Released in 1979, Mi-Sex's "Computer Games" went to number one in their home country of Australia. They had a few other minor hits, but none of them came close to what they did with this song. This record is yet another long lost new wave classic.


Restiform Bodies - "Black Friday"

A fitting day to post this. Check out "Black Friday" from my group Restiform Bodies. Happy post-turkey day. I'm sure you all have a food hangover like me.


Witchdoc Jorun & Friends - "Shakenawakenabreakenemup"

A little blast from the past on this one. From Hand 'Solo Records' first volume of the Bassments of Bad Men series, released way back in 1996. Sort of a "who's who" of the Halifax hip hop scene at the time. Featuring early appearances from Buck 65, Sixtoo, DJ Moves, Cheklove (Corey from Trailer Park Boys), Hip Club Groove and more. Some funny lines in this one, one that particularly tends to repeat in my head...."Haagen Das Efx Processor, Professor...." Unfortunately, this release is out of print, and not available digitally, but I'm sure you can find one on eBay. Enjoy.


Absolute Body Control - "Is There An Exit?"

absolute body control - "is there an exit?" (download)
I actually just stumbled on these guys recently. Absolute Body Control was the first significant project of Dirk Ivens and Eric Van Wonterghem, who later went on to be a part of bands like D.A.F. , Dive, Klinik and Sonar. They were mainly active from 1979-1984, but have since re-formed (in 2006) and re-recorded a lot of their classics for a release called WIND(RE)WIND. Their stuff is very much in the Joy Division/Suicide vein, so it's highly recommended if you're a fan of either. Also, keep an eye on the NY label Minimal Wave, who has resurrected a lot of these lost, old synthy gems. They have a well-trained ear for some really classic stuff, and everything they're putting out is quality stuff.


Sole - "Heartless"

sole - "heartless" (download)
From his brand new "mixtape" Nuclear Winter. Here, Sole puts a new twist on Kanye's "Heartless". Nuclear Winter features various interpretations of popular hits like Rick Ross' "Hustlin", 50 Cent & Justin Timberlake's "Jayo Technology", Biggie's "Juicy" and more, and features guest appearances from Bleubird, Astronautilis, Ceschi Ramos, Solillaquists of Sound, Jared Paul (on the "controversial" track "My President")and J-Swag. This mixtape is technically "free" if you want to be cheap about it, but I'd suggest following this link to go throw a couple of bucks Sole's way for a higher quality download and you can feel good knowing you supported an artist even though you really didn't HAVE to. (Sole and the Skyrider Band also have a brand new record out called Plastique. You can pick up that album right here)


A Grape Dope - "Hellz Bellz"

a grape dope - "hellz bellz" (download)
A Grape Dope is the mostly-instrumental, beat-oriented project of Tortoise drummer John Herndon. This lost gem from boasts some pretty impressive, and somewhat out-there instrumentation. It also features guest vocals on "Red Hat Attack" by Anticon's Doseone. John also did a remix as A Grape Dope for the Themselves remix record The No Music of AIFFs. This song is great, although it really starts to pick up around the 1:30 mark.


Grapefruit - "Another Game"

From their 1968 release Around Grapefruit. These guys were a highly-underrated band who only lastest 2 years and 2 records. One of their members, George Alexander (born Alexander Young) is brother to Malcolm and Angus Young of AC/DC. These guys strongly resemble the Beatles, but the Beatles themselves actually took interest in them, and Grapefruit's John Perry even appears in the background choir of "Hey Jude." In addition, John Lennon & Paul McCartney co-produced the Grapefruit song "Lullaby for a Lazy Day." Unfortunately, this album is fairly hard to find, but sometimes you can find copies on eBay, although you should expect to pay royally for a copy of this on vinyl.


Hounds of Hate - "II III Eye (feat. Hype Williams)"

I have no idea how this music made its way into my iTunes, but while listening to some music, this came on and immediately caught my attention. Turns out to be a "mixtape" (literally a cassette release) called Untitled [deuces] from London's Hounds of Hate and Hype Williams (not THAT Hype Williams), where they took turns appearing on each others' sides of the cassette. To be honest, I'm a bit more into the Hounds of Hate side of the tape than the Hype Williams side, but they're both great. It's all on a sludge-funk-downtempo-instrumental-synth vibe and I love it. Highly recommended if you're a fan of Odd Nosdam or Tobacco. There's a limited 7" split and another mixtape with Hype Williams coming in the near future. You can download side 2 of the mixtape here.


Amp Live - "Gary Is A Robot"

Great new single from Zion I's Amp Live. Amp Live has been getting quite a bit of attention as of late for his Rainydayz Remixes EP (where he used all Radiohead source material from In Rainbows for the beats and got local favorites Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Too Short to rap over them), as well as a recent remix for Anticon's WHY?. Even Akon & MGMT have approached him for remixes. Be on the lookout for his upcoming record Murder At the Discoteck, coming out on Child's Play in 2010. (Check out the awesome video for "Gary Is A Robot" right here)


Belle Orchestre - "Airlines/Landlines (Deadly Stare Remix)"

belle orchestre - "airlines/landlines (deadly stare remix)" (download)
Great remix of "Airlines/Landlines" by Deadly Stare, who produced an excellent track for my friend Bleubird. Belle Orchestre features members of, and has toured with The Arcade Fire. A great instrumental track to finish off the week.


Money Mark - "Cry"

Another old classic. Money Mark has acted as the Beastie Boys' on-and-off keyboard player over the years, as well as an established solo artist of his own. This record was released in 1995 on Mo' Wax, and features about 30 short little songs that range from experimental tape loop noise, to really amazing little pop songs. He's like a lo-fi Stevie Wonder on this record. I'd highly recommend checking it out.
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Takako Minekawa - "Destron"

takako minekawa - "destron" (download)
This song has been a staple on many "mix tapes" I've made for people since this came out in 1996. It's got that head-nodding, yet melodic, poppy feel to it. It's a great song to listen to loud in headphones. Takako Minekawa's love for Kraftwerk, Moog synthesizers, vocoders and Casios is really apparent on this record. Amazingly, as much as I love this record, I've never gone and checked out any of her other releases. After re-visiting this yet again, I'm going to have to. Oh, and she's married to Japanese electronic producer Cornelius.



I'm sick. I'll resume posting tomorrow


Krikor & The Dead Hillbillies - "God Will Break It All"

First off, this music is absolutely NOTHING like the album artwork and band name make it seem. I'd look at this album cover and probably assume this was some sort of alt-country/indie-folk rock record, not some upbeat, poppy, dance-able poppy stuff. This completely caught me off guard, but I guess I should have expected this from a label like Tigersushi, who always seems to come with the goodies. Tigersushi has put out records by Principles of Geometry and Poni Hoax, and pretty much everything that comes out of this label is great. I wanted to post 2 songs from this record, but in fairness to the band, I chose one, and this is the one that has been bouncing around in my head like crazy. Also check out "Serpico's Wallet" over at their MySpace page.


Sam Ulano - "Three Little Bears"

Busy day. Enjoy this telling of the "three little bears" by Sam Ulano (also known as Mr. Rhythm). He's recorded with Moondog, and played drums one night for Public Image Ltd. He tells the whole story WHILE he's playing the drums, and does both very well.


NastyNasty - "Python Kiss"

NastyNasty has a brand new single called "The Reef" dropping any day now on SF Bay Area label Frite Nite. You can hear "The Reef" in the mix that Starkey did for Fact Magazine here. The single also features a remix from the UK's Slugabed. He also has a new record coming out at the end of the month called Kingdom Come (which "Python Kiss" is from). This guy has been tearing up the charts over at the XLR8R site, so you should hop on this bandwagon before everyone else does so people don't think you're just trying to be cool.


Prinzhorn Dance School - "Eat,Sleep"

Prinzhorn Dance School is a UK-based duo (trio for live shows) that consists of Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn. They have released an album and a series of singles on James Murphy's DFA record label. Their music leans toward more minimal/artsy rock as opposed to traditional stylings. An interesting tidbit of info about them...they had a "recycling clause" when they signed with EMI to license their album in the UK which sort of held things up because they wanted to ensure that all their vinyl/cd packaging consist of recycled material. You have to respect that.


A quick note....

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Les Fleur De Lys - "Circles"

Les Fleur de Lys were a British psych-rock band from the '60's. Very poppy, catchy sing-a-long mod-rock. Their keyboardist went on to join Jefferson Starship. Good music for a sunny day. Recommended if you like The Beatles, The Pretty Things, etc.