Giorgio - "London Traffic"

From his 1972 release Son of My Father. Some bubblegum pop from Giorgio (later known for his soundtrack work and electro disco recorded in the late 70's and 80's under his more recognizable birthname Giorgio Morodor). I lucked out and found this record for $1 just under 10 years ago and I've loved the record ever since. I was thrilled to find out that in addition to having some great songs on it, it's also the record that DJ Shadow used for the main sample for "Organ Donor". Unfortunately, the record is long out of print to the best of my knowledge, but if you ever do find it, pick it up.


Death - "Politicans In My Eyes"

Death was formed in Detroit in 1971 by three brothers, Bobby, David & Dannis Hackney. They soon got the attention of Clive Davis of Columbia Records, who agreed to finance some recording sessions for them. After they had recorded 7 songs, Davis asked them to change their name to something a bit less depressing, to which they refused. This led to Davis pulling funding for the project, and the band was stuck with only those 7 songs, which never saw the light of day (aside from a 2 song 7" featuring "Politicians In My Eyes" and "Keep on Knocking". The band basically gave up and remained lost in obscurity until this year when Drag City decided to give their 7 songs a proper release under the name ...For the Whole World To See. The record is already generating quite a buzz, and there's a documentary in the works about them that is sure to be amazing. The remaining members of Death are now living in Vermont and are part of the band Lambsbread.


The Shivers - "Only In It For The $$$"

From NYC duo The Shivers' fourth album, In the Morning. This record really grew on me. I found this song bouncing around in my head quite a bit lately, so I decided to share it. The album as a whole is great. Recommended if you like Suicide, The Velvet Underground, etc. They even have a great cover of Suicide's "Cheree" on here.

Broken Figures - "Unauthorized"

I see San Francisco's Broken Figures coming up fast in the Bay Area electronic music scene. These guys (Matt Holt & Keith Tadashi Kubota) have seemingly come out of nowhere. They're currently hard at work on their self-titled debut and looking for a label. In the 8 months since their creation, they've already shared stages with Bay Area heavy hitters Quitter, Asonic Garcia, DJ Centipede, Tenderlions and more. Be on the lookout for these guys, and go check out their amazing new video for "Unauthorized" here


Scotch - "Disco Band"

Sort of a guilty pleasure. Some of you may hate this song, but I think it's really catchy and there's a synth line in here that really gets me. Scotch was an Italo-Disco group in the 80's (which you can probably tell when you hear the song). It's kind of hard to find a whole lot of information about them. Give this song a try or two. There's an entertaining video for the song here


Hawnay Troof - "Connection"

Oakland's Hawnay Troof has quite an impressive musical resume. He's handled lead vocals for xbxrx for quite some time now (as Vice Cooler), he mixed his most recent record Islands of Ayle in 2 days with Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, Peaches calls him "the world's greatest performer", he's friends with Drew Daniel of Matmos, he drummed in the Boredoms 88 Boadrum project, he's been a live drummer for both The Raincoats and Chicks on Speed, and apparantly, Henry Rollins cites him as "an inspiration". I could go on. Point being, his music, while not for everyone, is cool as shit.


Chandra - "Kate"

Chandra Oppenheim (daughter of artist Dennis Oppenheim), was 12 years old when she recorded this record. It is rumored that Chandra had been hanging out with post-punk/new wave band The Dance back in the 80's and would start coming up with lyrics to some of The Dance's instrumental songs. She ended up recording a 4-song EP with them called Transportation. Transportation has since been reissued with 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks that she had recorded with her friends under the name The Chandra Dimension, as well as a really interesting 32 page booklet telling her story. This really is a great record if you're into the post-punk/new wave stuff, and it makes it extra cool when you consider the back story.


France Gall - "Laisse Tomber Les Filles"

1964 song (meaning "forget the girls"), composed by Serge Gainesbourg and performed by France Gall. Catchy as hell.


Ministry - "Same Old Madness"

Super rare, unreleased gem from Ministry. To the best of my knowledge, this isn't on any of their releases. Actually, it took quite a bit of looking to even be able to track down an mp3 of it after seeing this video. Such a great song. I've always loved Ministry, from their early, Depeche Mode-esque With Sympathy days, all the way to their aggro Psalm 69 stuff. If you're not up on early Ministry though, you need to be. Pick up Twelve Inch Singles and With Sympathy to start. You won't even believe it's the same band.


EGADZ! - "Glock Out"

For his final album as EGADZ!, Egadz Is Dead, Erik Nava puts the nail in the coffin with intensity. "Glock Out", one of the standout tracks on the record, hits you in the face with driving beats and a nasty distorted bassline. EGADZ! has recently relocated from the Bay Area to Denver, CO and has decided to shed his old persona for his new one, NAVA. Expect great things from this man in the future. Egadz is Dead is out TODAY. Grab it below.


Architeq - "Birds of Prey (Fulgeance Emotronical Mix)"

from last.fm:
Since signing to Sav Remzi’s Tirk label in 2007, Architeq’s deep space dub-hip hop explorations have been heating up dancefloors, radio playlists and i-pod headphones the world over.
Working closely with live drummers ( Scott Donald & Jerome Tcherneyan) and a die-hard analogue production ethic gives his music an organic vitality often missing from the productions of today’s laptop generation.
With plaudits from everyone from Laurent Garnier to disco deviant Blackbelt Anderson and having attracted the attention of one Mary–Ann Hobbs. Architeq’s sound is diverse, deep and deliciously dubby.
Here, french producer Fulgeance puts his own spin on "Birds of Prey".


Dark Dark Dark - Junk Bones (Odd Nosdam Remix)

Odd Nosdam takes on "Junk Bones", from Minnesota-based Dark Dark Dark. This excellent remix is from the upcoming Dark Dark Dark Remixes 7" on Supply & Demand Music. The 7" also features a remix from Anticon's own Dosh, and it comes with a download card so you can check out a remix from Tom Inhaler as well. Dark Dark Dark will be embarking on a short tour with WHY? at the end of the month. Tour dates can be found here


Machinedrum - "All Apologies"

From the brand new, limited edition 7" compilation Nerdvana, released by Mental Monkey Records. Nerdvana features indie electronic acts trying their hand at their favorite Nirvana tracks. Here, Travis Stewart (better known as Machinedrum) tries his hand at "All Apologies", resulting in a tweaked out, beautiful mess. Machinedrum releases stuff on Merck Records, as well as his own Normrex label, and can be seen out and about doing shows with the likes of Lazer Sword, Megasoid, Jimmy Edgar, etc. The Nerdvana 7" also features covers from Mixel Pixel, Yip-Yip, The Show Is The Rainbow, Pataphysics and Low Red Center. Right now, it is only available for purchase via the Yip-Yip Myspace page, but Mental Monkey will have more copies up for sale soon. Did I mention that the 7" comes on some awesome looking clear blue vinyl?


Red (The Man Without The Machine) - "I Should Tell Ya Momma On You"

red (the man without the machine)- "i should tell ya momma on you" (stream only)

Not much is known about Red (aka "Gangsta Red", aka "The Man Without the Machine"). Some raw video of Red beatboxing and singing this song to himself out in the lot behind HVW8 Design Gallery in LA spread like wildfire on Youtube after it debuted in 2008. Because of this newfound attention, Red has managed to make it into a real studio to record the track (with a remix from Dam Funk on the flip side), and California label Stones Throw has released it as a limited edition 7" that is sure to be a collector's item someday. You can buy the 7" while supplies last from the Stones Throw Store, or buy the single from iTunes below.


Friday Roundup

  • Pretty awesome video from 8-bit gangsters Nullsleep (link)
  • Joseph Bryce (Clovis Heald) is offering up an untitled preview of a track from his upcoming record "A Field Like Hell" (link)
  • Midstates have posted some new tracks for your listening pleasure on their website (link)

Diamond Rings - "All Yr Songs"

"All Yr Songs" is one of those songs that you might as well just put on repeat, because no matter what, you'll be playing it over and over. This song will get stuck in your head. I've even been waking up singing it lately. To make things even cooler, John O'Regan, (the creative force behind Diamond Rings) is a super nice guy. He's also the lead vocalist for the Toronto-based band The D'Urbervilles. If you like this song, you have good taste in music, and should follow the link below to purchase this super limited (only 300 copies!) colored vinyl 7" and support the artists involved. Oh, and check out the awesome video for the song here


Freeland - "Do You"

Adam Freeland records his solo music under his birth name. He records his "band" stuff as a 3-piece. "Cope" is the bands most recent release on Freelands' own Marine Parade label (home to Bomarr Blog favorites PANTy RAiD and Evil Nine). I've been enjoying a good chunk of this album lately, and I actually hadn't really heard anything about this new record until recently. After doing some research, I discovered that the record features lots of guitar parts from Joey Santiago of the Pixies, Twiggy Ramirez (ex-Marilyn Manson), Jerry Casalle of Devo, and even Tommy Lee on some drums (on the really amazing, epic, Sigur Ros-like track "Mancry", which you can check out over on his myspace page).


Empire of the Sun - "Walking On A Dream"

empire of the sun - "walking on a dream"
(link removed by request)
Australia's Empire of the Sun get a thumbs up for having the most amazing album cover of 2008, as well as naming themselves after the well-known JG Ballard book/Christian Bale film. Empire of the Sun is actually a "side project" for The Sleepy Jackson's Luke Steele and Pnau's Nick Littlemore. They've had quite the buzz going for them for the past year since the album's release, and even had a top 10 single from the record in Australia. This song has been burning up my headphones for quite some time now, and a lot of you may have already heard it, but I had to show my love for it. Classic 80's pop sound with that over the top irony and silly lyrics. What's not to love about it?


R. Kelly - "Two Seater"

r. kelly - " two seater"
(link removed by request)
Every once in a while, the crazy nutbag that we all know as R. Kelly puts out a track that is always undeniably catchy. For me, it started with "Ignition", and "Trapped In the Closet" was entertaining until it became a 22-chapter snoozefest. Ultimately though, I'm completely fascinated by this man. He's a straight up weirdo, he has weirdo lyrics & song titles (he has a song called "I Like the Crotch On You", and he does weirdo stuff. Maybe that's why I like him. "Two Seater" is just another one of those club bangers that happens to be created by a crazy man.