Halloween Mega-Post

north american hallowe'en prevention inc. - "do they know it's hallowe'en?" (stream-only)

A couple of things to spice up your Halloween weekend. First, we have this great "indie rock all stars" posse cut by the North American Hallowe'en Prevention Inc. called "Do They Know It's Hallowe'en?". A satire of the song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" This song features everyone who's someone in the indie world, and it's for a good cause. All proceeds from sales of this song go on to benefit UNICEF, so if you feel like being a good samaritan, make your way to iTunes and spend the .99 cents. Just check out who is on this track: Beck, Buck65, David Cross, Win & Regine of The Arcade Fire, Devendra Banhart, Elvira, Feist, Syd Butler of Les Savy Fav, J'aime of Islands, Malcolm McLaren, Nardwuar, Peaches, Dntel, Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley, Roky Erickson, Smoosh, Thurston Moore, Russell Mael of Sparks, Subtitle, Anna Waronker of that dog., Dan & Spencer of Wolf Parade, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the entire project was put together by Nick Diamonds of The Unicorns/Islands. The "We Are the World" of our time? Maybe so. You can buy this song here. Also, check out some other Halloween goodies below:

  • Tobacco (Anticon / Black Moth Super Rainbow) has put together a really creepy Halloween podcast that is sure to scare the pants off of you. Download it here
  • Fever Ray has a creepy Halloween podcast of her own, which you can grab here
  • King Otto & Mike 2600 have their Monster Mash 2009 mix for you here


Six Finger Satellite - "Rabies (Baby's Got The)

This record (Severe Exposure) came out when I was a junior in high school (about 14 years ago now). This blew my mind when I first heard it, and it still continues to blow my mind. It's one of the few CD's I still have from back in those days, and I always listen to it at least once a year. Really great fuzzy moog electronic rock. Sometimes grating, sometimes catchy, sometimes instrumental. Guitarist John MacLean went on to form the DFA electronic/dance group The Juan MacLean, which is a vast departure from this stuff. I've seen Buck65 perform over a Six Finger Satellite instrumental live. Really great record. Check it out if you get a chance.


Boy In Static - "Starlet (Freezepop Remix)"

"Starlet" is a straight-forward pop song from from Alexander Chen's Bay Area-via-Boston project Boy In Static. He has a new EP of the same name which came out on Circle Into Square back in July. Fellow Bostonians Freezepop turn this already great song into a great little synthpop jam with sort of a timeless sound. Alexander has toured with 13 & God (the "supergroup" consisting of Jel & Doseone of Anticon and The Notwist). He also got his start after getting a demo to the Notwist's Markus Acher, which ended up getting him signed to Alien Transistor. He has also gone on to release stuff on Mush Records. Keep an eye out for this guy.


Débruit - "Gros"

From his most recent EP Cle de Bras, released in April of this year by Musique Large. French producer Débruit has been at it for some time now, doing remixes, getting remixes from others, performing at festivals like Sonar, and being an all around busy guy. His new EP also features a great remix by Daedelus. Also, check out his remix of Meanest Man Contest's "We Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way", (which features yours truly buried somewhere in the background vocals).


The Slew - "It's All Over"

The Slew is Kid Koala, Dynomite D and members of Wolfmother. You'll find lots of heavy beats and heavy guitars all over this thing, and it was mixed by Beastie Boys collaborator Mario Caldato Jr. The record is called 100%, and for a few more days (until Nov 1), this album is available for free right here.


Bleubird - "Clean Yo Plate (Bomarr Remix)"

Here's a brand new remix that I did for the new Bleubird mixtape Street Talk III. You can download the whole mixtape for FREE right here. Clean yo plate.......


Molasses - "Madness (Conversations With My Sanity"

Another one from the original Bomarr Blog a couple years back. Molasses released this really impressive ep, Madness (Conversations With My Sanity) on San Francisco's Ubiquity Records back in 1996 and then seemingly disappeared. He's had music appear on various compilations, but they all seem to be songs from this EP. I've always wondered what happened to him. This was released the same year as DJ Shadow's ...Endtroducing LP, and while tracks like this are very Shadow-esque, he doesn't come across as being yet another producer trying to emulate his style. If you can find this EP, pick it up.


New Lazer Sword!!!! - "Koopa Boss Mode"

As always, the Lazer Sword boys kill it on this brand new (formerly only-live) track, "Koopa Boss Mode". They're headed back to Europe, starting this Friday, and will be joined with the likes of Gaslamp Killer, Debruit, Subtitle, Rustie and more along the way. Check the tour dates below, and while you're at it, grab the Sweatpants Money Mixtape here, featuring part of the remix they did for my group Restiform Bodies.

Lazer Sword European Tour Dates:
10/23 London, UK
@ Fabric
(w/ The Gaslamp Killer, Akira Kiteshi, Rich Furness)

10/29 Vicenza, IT
@ Bar Sartea
w/ TBD

10/30 Gemeva, CH
@ Le Zoo
(w/ Debruit, Subtitle, Dimlite)

10/31 Bialystok, PL
@ Klub Metro
(w/ Dizzy Trouble, Eh!Marine, Koola / European Halloween Party)

11/6 Glasgow, SCT
@ Sub Club
(w/ Rustie .. Numbers Label Launch Party)

11/7 Bristol, UK
@ Start the Bus
(w/ Murkage Cartel, Charlie XCX, Captain Magic, Snitch DJs)


Soviet - "Commute"

I saw these guys open for Add N To X back in 2005 and I fell in love with them. They put on a great show, and they're record was great. I went a few years without ever thinking about them until I saw Soviet show up on a collaboration with Erlend Oye (Kings of Convenience/Whitest Boy Alive, etc), so I decided to dig this record up again, and amazingly, it still stands up. This stuff is sort of timeless. It's very reminiscent of early Depeche Mode. If you're into early Depeche Mode, you'll love this.


Bassnectar - "Cozza Frenzy" (feat. Seasunz)

bassnectar - "cozza frenzy" (feat. seasunz)
(link removed by request. hang tight. i'm working to find out who requested this be removed, because it was not from bassnectar's camp, as i have permission from them to offer this song for download. it will most likely be back up at some point, but i need to investigate and possibly file a counter-claim)

Bassnectar is primarily a musical project of San Francisco's Lorin Ashton, who sometimes incorporates various collaborations into the Bassnectar project. He has performed as such festivals as Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza and Burning Man. He has a new record out now called Cozza Frenzy. It will most likely blow your head off.


Sunn O))) & Boris - "The Sinking Belle"

I first discovered this song walking the streets of San Francisco in the rain, listening to some music in headphones on the way to work. This song crushed me. An incredible collaboration between drone rockers Sunn O))) and Japanese noise rockers Boris, which suprisingly ends up not rocking at all, but instead being a slow, brooding, dramatic, 7-and-a-half minute epic song. It's from the collaboration record they did together called Altar. This song also appeared on the Restiform Bodies Hangover Mix that we put together for the Ego Eccentric blog last year.


BC - "Fusion (Bomarr Remix)"

Here's a brand new remix I just finished for Tampa-based rapper BC. He has a new EP that just came out called Time Pieces Part 1: Time Capsule. My remix is for the promo remixes that are coming out, which will feature remixes from Mochipet, Thavius Beck, Mum's the Word and more. Saul Williams also appears on this ep. Feel free to post some feedback in the comments. I'm curious to see what people think.


Lorn - "Paradise Lost"

lorn - "paradise lost" (stream only)

Meet Lorn. He's one of the newest additions to Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label, home to the Gaslamp Killer, Mono/Poly, Ras G and more. He makes really nasty, dark beats, and he has a new record called Nothing Else coming out soon on Brainfeeder. You can purchase and/or listen to his 2007 EP Grief Machine direct through him over at his bandcamp page, hence the "stream only" above. I'm sure Nothing Else will be nothing short of amazing.


Neon Indian - "Terminally Chill"

Texas-raised Alan Palomo (aka Neon Indian, aka Ghosthustler, aka VEGA) is putting out some pretty awesome lo-fi, psychedlic synth-pop. Check out his brand new record Psychic Chasms, which is out today on Lefse Records.


Grand Buffet - "Cool As Hell"

Yes, these guys are "cool as hell." Not only are they some of the awesomest guys you'll ever meet, they also enlisted fellow Pittsburgh homie Girl Talk WAY before everyone jumped on that bandwagon. Grand Buffet usually take it upon themselves to handle their production duties, but for this track from their 2003 release Pittsburgh Hearts, the man himself, Gregg Gillis, produced this track for them, and what a banger it is. You really can't go wrong with any of the Grand Buffet releases, and if you ever have a chance to see them live, don't miss it. They put on one of the funniest live shows you'll ever see. In addition, they have quite the musical resume, having toured with Girl Talk, Of Montreal, MGMT and the late Wesley Willis. Oh, the stories these guys could tell you. Buy their shit.


G-Spot Boyz - "Stanky Legg (Lunice Remix)"

Montreal's Lunice just made Volume Two of his LAZERemix mixtape series available for free download, and it's a real banger. He has a lot of songs on here you'll recognize, only with MUCH nastier beats than the originals. Looking for something to play at your next house party? Throw this on and see if a single person stands still. Go grab this mixtape here, and be sure to spread the word. You can catch Lunice doing shows with the likes of Lazer Sword, Megasoid, Nosaj Thing, and Hovatron.


The Plastics - "I Love You, Oh No!"

From their extremely hard-to-find Forever Plastico album from 1980. The Plastics were a Japanese new wave band, mostly active in the '70's and 80's. Bands such as Talking Heads, the B-52's and Devo all consider themselves fans. While not for everyone, this song will most likely get stuck in your head, in that cutesy, Japanese-pop kind of way.


Ultravox - "Vienna"

I really love this track. The whole record is amazing. I also love that it was released in 1980. Just seems really ahead of its time. It does have it's corny moments, but those are allowed, as most records that came out in the 80's have them. There are moments in the title track here that give me chills. Just some really passionate, epic stuff. This is a gem that you can most likely even find in the dollar bin at your local record store. I'd highly recommend picking it up and giving it a shot. A lot of the other tracks are much different than this. Very synthy, very poppy and very good.


The Fly Girlz - "Born 2 B Fly"

the fly girlz - "born 2 b fly" (stream only)

Great track from a few 14-year old girls from Brooklyn. Sam Hillmer (of the band Z's) put together a program where he works with city high school kids to help them record their own songs, featuring production by Nathan "Zebrablood" from Excepter. They have a limited 12" out now through True Panther Sounds, which you can buy here. The Fader has a great little documentary about the project here. I love stuff like this.


Bartlomein - "Dead Right"

There's not a whole lot of information floating around about Bartlomein. He's based just outside of NYC in Bergen County, NJ. Here, he flips a classic Biggie track into something completely new. Be on the lookout for this guy. If the songs he has up for free on his Bandcamp page are any indication, this guy has the potential to come up fast.


Gary Numan - Are 'Friends' Electric?

One of my favorite albums of all time. This record strongly influenced a lot of the music I make today. I love this man. I mean, this record was made in 1979! Gary Numan really gets overlooked due to most people only knowing his hit "Cars". Do yourself a favor and pick up Replicas, the self-titled Tubeway Army record, The Pleasure Principle and Telekon. Great, great stuff. And he's still making music!


Cold Flamez - "Miss Me, Kiss Me"

cold flamez - "miss me, kiss me" (stream only)

I first heard this song in Jeff Cowan and Henry Choi's short "jerkin" documentary Now We Jerk. I couldn't figure out for the life of me who did the song, until I ran into Matthew Africa who, after hearing me recite a couple of lines from it, informed me that it was Cold Flamez from Long Beach, CA. This is yet another song that is constantly stuck in my head. Recommended if you like Lil' Wayne, New Boyz, J Hawk, etc. This is stream-only because it's the only song they have available for sale. If you like it, do them a favor and go buy it.