Empire of the Sun - "Walking On A Dream"

empire of the sun - "walking on a dream"
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Australia's Empire of the Sun get a thumbs up for having the most amazing album cover of 2008, as well as naming themselves after the well-known JG Ballard book/Christian Bale film. Empire of the Sun is actually a "side project" for The Sleepy Jackson's Luke Steele and Pnau's Nick Littlemore. They've had quite the buzz going for them for the past year since the album's release, and even had a top 10 single from the record in Australia. This song has been burning up my headphones for quite some time now, and a lot of you may have already heard it, but I had to show my love for it. Classic 80's pop sound with that over the top irony and silly lyrics. What's not to love about it?

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Anna said...

Whoa, yeah. That album cover just made my body tingle.