Chandra - "Kate"

Chandra Oppenheim (daughter of artist Dennis Oppenheim), was 12 years old when she recorded this record. It is rumored that Chandra had been hanging out with post-punk/new wave band The Dance back in the 80's and would start coming up with lyrics to some of The Dance's instrumental songs. She ended up recording a 4-song EP with them called Transportation. Transportation has since been reissued with 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks that she had recorded with her friends under the name The Chandra Dimension, as well as a really interesting 32 page booklet telling her story. This really is a great record if you're into the post-punk/new wave stuff, and it makes it extra cool when you consider the back story.


Anonymous said...

I was able to interview Chandra recently: http://nerdtorious.com/2009/04/14/pre-teen-post-punk-interview-with-chandra-oppenheim/

I've dug your beats, and your blog is fresh too! Peace!

bomarr said...

great interview. thanks for sharing!