Paul White - "Time Wars" / Bullion - "God Only Knows"

Two great artists on the One Handed Music label. Bullion seems to be best known for his Beach Boys/J Dilla "mashup" EP Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee, which the above track "God Only Knows" is from. Paul White (pictured) has a new record out called The Strange Dreams of Paul White. The new record contains 21 short tracks, lots of them heavily inspired by Dilla as well. It's a great head nod-inducing record that's perfect for headphones. If these guys are any sign of things to come on the One Handed Music label, I'm going to definitely keep an eye on them.

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My Other Hand's a Claw said...

Cheers for the props. You can d/l 'The Strange Dreams of Paul White' and Paul's new EP (and get a free track) at www.paulwhitemusic.co.uk. We've also got a new EP from Fulgeance: www.fulgeance.bandcamp.com (and again, there's a free track there).
Alex Chase, One-Handed Music