nick nicely - "Hilly Fields"

Released in 1982, nick nicely's "Hilly Fields" is considered one of the first non-hip hop songs to feature minimal record scratching. The song also took close to a year to complete. What really attracts me to this song is that the drum machine drums are hard for their time, the cello adds a lot to the song, and the sheer psychedelia of the song is really impressive. Apparantly, nick is working on a new record. There's a great collection of his songs that came out in 2004-2005 called Psychotropia that you should really check out.


Claudio said...

Hi, thanks for this awesome post... do you know where to find the 'Psychotropia' compilation? or, if you have it, could you please upload it? I'll appreciate! thanks!

bomarr said...

it's only available digitally now:

although you can find it on vinyl on ebay (the re-press of it) if you search.

Greg said...

It is available on CD and was staff Pick at Sister Ray in Soho (34-35 Berwick Street, London, W1F 8RP
020 7734 3297) a couple of months ago, so try there. Hilly Fields is a real place, in Lewisham and I live by it. Great track, good album.