Superargo - "Miniperformer"

Superargo is Adam Jeffers. Adam Jeffers is from Lawrence, KS. He makes mostly upbeat, mostly 8-bit sounding electronic music that you can dance to. He is also known to put on a great live show, although recent changes have forced him to not play shows for a while while he works on his new record, and fine tunes a new live performance. I'm REALLY looking forward to his new record, whenever that may be. He was nice enough to contribute a track to the Sneakmove Minicomp Vol. 3 that I curated, and he also contributed a remix of my track "Happy Slapping" (see above) for my free Scraps release. The song "Miniperformer" can be found on his self-titled album from around 2003. I'm not sure where you can find his first record these days. Maybe he should put it online as a free download (hint, hint).

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