Bit Meddler - "Dermetfak"

I posted this track on the original Bomarr Blog about 4 years ago, but I recently re-discovered it and figured I'd post it again since most of you weren't following the blog back then. This guy didn't have too many releases, (not even a full length), but the stuff he did release on Planet Mu was high quality stuff. I really wish he'd come out of hiding. I'd love to find out what he's doing now. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. His name is Matt Anderson. I'm curious to see if he's still making music.


Coralene said...

I don't know but that's a sweet name. Unless it isn't supposed to remind me of Bette Midler, in which case it's only mediocre.

extreme_barry said...

oh...oh damn. you know that stink face you get when a beat is so awesome you have no other facial expression than the face you make when smell something horrible or you are in pain? that's the face i made through the whole song.