Javelin - "Soda Popinski"

The guys that make up Javelin (2 cousins from Brooklyn via Rhode Island) have all their bases covered. Not only do they make really impressive head-nodding electronic music, but they have the visual companion to their music down to a tee. Their 12" vinyl packaging usually consists of the word "Javelin" painted onto some else's pre-existing record cover (eg: The Commodores, Simon & Garfunkel, etc), and these 12"s are usually collectors items due to their limited quantities. Right there they gets points for creativity AND recycling. They also perform with stacks of spray-painted boomboxes in front of them. That's another plus. Let's see....they've performed at the MOMA, they named this song right here after a character from Mike Tyson's Punch Out, they're currently on tour with Yeasayer AND they have a new record called No Más coming out next month on David Byrne's Luaka Bop label.
(Bonus: Check out their Tune In An Afternoon that they did for XLR8R and filmed at Community Thrift in the San Francisco Mission District)


Roland Dodds said...

A great track, I am going to have to hunt down one of those 12 inch records.

bomarr said...

yes, me too

Mick said...

I love this, check out 'PDF Format' for some more 8-bit excellence