Active Child - "When Your Love Is Safe"

active child - "when your love is safe" (download)
Some great ethereal synth heavy pop courtesy of Active Child (LA's Pat Grossi). He just released a really impressive, limited-edition white vinyl 7" on Transparent Records. Aside from a limited cassette-only release called Sun Rooms that came out recently, the guy doesn't have a whole lot available for purchase, but he has the right idea....release a few songs, see who bites, and build up some demand. I really love this stuff. If you're into Grizzly Bear, Washed Out, Final Fantasy, etc, you will most likely love this too.

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Paul said...

the vocal melody during the first two bars of each verse is EXACTLY THE SAME as "follow you down" by the freakin' gin blossoms. listen to it if you don't believe me.