Truman Peyote - "New Wife, New Life"

With a name like Truman Peyote, you're sure to expect some heady, psychedelic shit. They don't disappoint. "New Wife, New Life" is from this Boston area band's formerly-CDR-only-soon-to-be-12inch-vinyl release Light-Lightning. On Light-Lightning, they provide you with some catchy, trippy, lo-fi jams, and will surely be a treat to have on vinyl when it's released. These guys are definitely a band to watch for 2010. Currently, they have upcoming shows with Neon Indian, The Hood Internet, Toro Y Moi & Ear Pwr, to name a few. There's also a 7" split with Turtle Ambulance (and featuring "New Wife, New Life") coming out on Breakfast of Champs Records February 9th.

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