Isaiah Toothtaker - "Bassface"

isaiah toothtaker - "bassface" (prod. by megasoid) (download)

Yiggy is the brand new FREE release from Tucson's rapper/tattoo artist Isaiah Toothtaker. I'll be completely honest, there's not a lot of new rap coming out these days that I'm too impressed by. I think a lot of it is pretty boring, actually, but every once in a while, someone surprises me and causes me to rethink things a bit. Isaiah is one of them. He's managed to get some really impressive production for this record as well, recruiting his friends Megasoid, Eligh of Living Legends, Subtitle, Eric Steuer of Meanest Man Contest, Meaty Ogre and more. He also gets bonus points for editing footage of my man Tsim Fuckus to create a video for "Bassface." It almost seems wrong to offer something this good for free. Go grab it here.

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