Wild Xmas With Bomarr, Vol. 4

I did Volume 3 back in 2007, and said that it would be my last Xmas mix in the series, but after getting inspired, and actually finding an impressive chunk of Xmas-themed music this year, I've decided to do another...maybe even another after this! Who knows? Even if you're not a fan of Xmas music, you may still enjoy this. I'm not a fan of Xmas music in general, but more of a fan of digging up some of these really obscure tracks. It's sort of rewarding, and people seem to really enjoy these mixes. So, spike your egg nog, decorate your tree, and throw this mix on, you may enjoy it. As always, comments are welcome. You can download ALL volumes here

(Please let me know if you have any issues with the Divshare link. I re-uploaded it this morning after having issues with the first link, but everything should be working now)


the cat whisperer said...

The Divashare link is fine but the second link isn't working.

bomarr said...

hmm...do you mean the link for vol 2? i'll have to investigate. you were able to grab vol 4 though?