Sunn O))) & Boris - "The Sinking Belle"

I first discovered this song walking the streets of San Francisco in the rain, listening to some music in headphones on the way to work. This song crushed me. An incredible collaboration between drone rockers Sunn O))) and Japanese noise rockers Boris, which suprisingly ends up not rocking at all, but instead being a slow, brooding, dramatic, 7-and-a-half minute epic song. It's from the collaboration record they did together called Altar. This song also appeared on the Restiform Bodies Hangover Mix that we put together for the Ego Eccentric blog last year.

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P Cretain said...

This is the new heavy: The Sinking Belle carries the weight of the world on her delicate shoulders, . Have you checked out the other versions - the "black sheep" and the "white sheep"?