Holy Fuck - "Frenchy's"

Maybe it's because it sounds like an instrumental Gary Numan song to me. Maybe it's because they put on an amazing live show. Is it because they have an awesome name? It could also be that they've toured with Buck65 and covered Radiohead. Who knows? But for some reason, I love these guys. They're from Toronto. This song is from their 2007 self-titled LP Holy Fuck. I'd highly recommend anything they put out.


Mark said...

On a slightly different (but related) note, I recommend you check out Wintersleep (they share a bass player with Holy Fuck), I was fortunate enough to catch them live recently and I loved every second.


[on hiatus] said...

Finally got to see these dudes wreck shit here in Houston this past weekend. fucking dope. i'll definitely check out the wintersleep shit, their bassist was ill.