Paul McCartney - "Temporary Secretary"

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A huge departure from the McCartney music that everyone knows. "Temporary Secretary" is an upbeat, weird electronic track that'll get stuck in your head for days. McCartney II is his third solo album, and the first since the formation of Wings in 1971. It was released in 1980, a year before the band's dissolution and while their future lay in limbo. The album is a significant departure for McCartney, as much of the album relies heavily on synthesizers and studio experimentation. It has been cited as one of McCartney's most underrated and overlooked albums.
(Big thanks to Quarterbar for putting me up on this song.)


Doc Pop said...

I love this song! Is the whole album this good?

I hear a lot of weird skips and sfx on this recording that makes me wonder if they were in the original recording or side effects from an analog transfer.

Dave said...

I think this popped up on a Neon Neon promo mix Boom Bip put together around the time Stainless Style came out, I never knew it was McCartney - it's great!